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Argumentative Essay

Despite the huge number of different types of essays, one of the most popular is an argumentative essay.
Its popularity is caused by its concept – the task is not only to tell about the object or problem, but to convince an audience in one or another position.
In order to write really good work, the author must study the chosen topic well, study and understand different positions on the chosen topic in order to form his or her own position, learn statistics, facts and opinions of experts in this field.
So, what makes your argumentative essay really successful?
First of all – the choice of the right topic.
The word ‘’right’ means that you are guided in and sincerely interested in the chosen topic. Even if you hire a professional writer, you will look flimsy during your report. Disinterest and insincerity are very noticeable, so do not neglect this important element.
The next important element is the structure.
In the first part, you should familiarize the audience with the problem or subject of the essay, tell about its relevance and importance.
Next – the main part, which usually consists of two paragraphs: in the first paragraph, the author usually explains his or her position, after which a number of arguments is presented with support of evidence.
The second paragraph can contain more explanation and interpretation of arguments. And this part is better served with a drop of humor – it will ease the perception and defuse strained atmosphere in the audience.
The last part is a conclusion. However, it also has certain structure : first, the author retells the main thesis of his or her essay, then repeats the arguments to convince the public to his or her side and complete the report.

The Difference Between Essay and Composition

What is essay and composition in general?
Essay is a kind of genre or kind of creative work, reflecting a subjective author’s position in relation to the significant problem, moral, ethical, scientific, cultural and historical plan.
A composition is a creative work on a given topic, which can be executed as a description, narration, reasoning or analysis of artistic text, literary images, aesthetic concepts.
What is the difference between essay and composition?
First of all, in the purpose of writing.
The purpose of the composition as one of the types of creative work is the development of oral and written speech skills related to the ability to formulate own judgments on problematic issues, to analyze individual phenomena, facts or fragments of the text, to express thoughts in logical sequence, to generalize and draw conclusions. By way of a linguistic organization, composition may relate to one of the most common types of creative work in school practice: description; narrative; reasoning of problem character; comparative characterization of images; analysis of artistic text.
The structure of the work should include the introduction with substantiation of the relevance of the topic, the main content and conclusion.
The content and form of the essay are correlated with the composition, but the author of essay has a more difficult task: to encourage readers to reflect, thanks to the persuasiveness and brightness of the presentation. Essay, like any kind of work, requires a creative reflection on the subject, but the most important thing in it is the author’s position, the personal vision of the problem and the ways of its solution, based on knowledge of the material and his or her own intellectual experience.
The essay needs a clear definition of the problem, in the interpretation of which the author’s argumentation with elements of independent analysis is fundamentally important. An arbitrary essay composition allows the use of various techniques in building phrases that enhance the influence on the reader’s perception: inversion, antithesis, associative series, metaphorical generalizations, irony, and other types of allegory. The final part of the essay does not always contain a conclusion.
Thus, the difference between essay and composition is following:
Essay – genre or kind of creative work with arbitrary compositional construction.
Composition – a creative work on a given topic, which has a clear structure with a mandatory introduction, a content part and a conclusion.
In essay the subjective author’s position on the issue raised in the topic reflects.
In composition, this subject is analysis. The form of a composition depends on its type: narrative, description, reasoning, comparative characteristic or analysis of artistic text.
The form of essay is usually consideration with the elements of analysis.
The purpose of the essay is to encourage readers to think.
Composition develops the oral and written speech skills.

Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay

Writers, students and pupils often consider the essay as something boring and uninteresting. However, in fact, this is an extremely interesting task that develops not only academic writing skills, but also fantasy and thinking.
This is especially true for such type of essay as descriptive.
If we compare the descriptive essay with the narrative, then the difference will be the following: in the narrative essay, the main task of the author is to reveal a particular problem or question through personal story, and in descriptive this goal must be achieved through a detailed artistic description of the subject of the essay.
If your reader, after reading your essay, has a sense of presence in the place you have described, or a sense of familiarity with the person you’ve described, then you can assume that your essay is done perfectly.
If you are set to write a truly successful and interesting descriptive essay, then you should remember the following: any good work is a long and hard work. In addition, if you want your work to be successful, write about what you really care about, because 90 percent of success is a desire and a genuine interest in what you tell others
Therefore, if the topic is selected, let’s get started ! And one of the main principles of writing a good descriptive essay is a phrase – “show, not say”. You should make readers feel what you are talking about.
Use descriptive and figurative language, as well as concrete images to describe the subject. Similes and metaphors work well. For example, what is the difference between saying and showing?
Telling: -the oak was old
Showing: -the oak in the forest glade was so old that it looked like the old man on the slope of the years, whose face was completely covered with wrinkles. Its branches creaked in the wind like a rotten floor in an old country house.
Feel the difference, right?
The next step is to review the work that guides the following questions: Is the topic relevant enough to the audience? Does the work have the ability to interest the reader or listener from the first paragraphs? Is the object sufficiently detailed?
Of course, the next step is editing. This is the same review, but already from the point of view of grammatical errors and punctuation, because often in the process of exciting work we can not notice slight mistakes.
Well, the final stage – presentation, in print or oral form.
If all the previous steps were completed as expected, then the last stage is guaranteed to be successful!

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Thieves in San Francisco

With in excess of 31,000 individuals a year ago revealing the equivalent horrid trial of coming back to their vehicle to discover a window broke and within stripped, San Francisco asserted the most noticeably bad break-in rate of any enormous city in the state. Be that as it may, this objective rich condition isn’t equitably spread.
Cheats visited a gathering of problem areas again and again, especially visitor gravitates toward the shoreline or the straight, city tourist spots and shopping territories with expansive parking garages, while overall maintaining a strategic distance from some different zones, as indicated by a Chronicle investigation of wrongdoing information from 2017.
The Police Department has been utilizing a similar data to investigate the pandemic and test potential arrangements in its 10 locale, which all demonstrated an expansion in vehicle break-ins a year ago. Arranging heat maps, authorities are utilizing the information to help watches and send formally dressed and covert officers.
“We’re going for an unmistakable nearness at the areas,” said Northern Station Capt. Joseph Engler, whose region incorporates a couple of noted problem areas, the Palace of Fine Arts and Alamo Square. “The perceivability is working, and we’re getting the word out and requesting that everybody be accomplices in this.”
In any case, unraveling cases remains a test. Police made captures in 550 episodes a year ago, or generally 1.8 percent of cases, as indicated by the information evaluated by The Chronicle. Authorities, however, said the numbers might be fragmented, and that their most avant-garde records indicate 639 cases were cleared with captures a year ago.
Every one of the window-crushing problem areas has one of a kind attributes that make them simple quarry and request an alternate methodology from police and guests. However there are regular topics, for example, dynamic environments that give guests a misguided feeling of wellbeing, and parking garages with practically no security where individuals leave vehicles for a considerable length of time at once with unmistakable loot for the taking.
The Chronicle sent a correspondent and picture taker to investigate four of the most exceedingly bad hit square squares in the city to attempt to comprehend why culprits discover every area so engaging.

Seattle moves into next phase after NHL

Seattle’s NHL development group has its underlying foundations in Dave Tippett’s PC.
That is the place the long-term mentor turned-senior guide keeps a running rundown of players around the class who may be accessible in an extension draft that is still 2 1/2 years off. It is only an activity for the present yet will turn into a key building square when Seattle picks its first players in June 2021.
“Consistently it’ll change a smidgen,” Tippett said. “When it arrives, you’ll have a truly smart thought of where you think groups will fall.”
Long months are ahead before the up ’til now anonymous group plays its first amusement, yet work is now in progress and the exertion can start vigorously now that the NHL Board of Governors has authoritatively granted Seattle an establishment. Momentous on an aggregate upgrade of KeyArena is Wednesday, and Seattle’s front office will spend whatever remains of this season plotting the course for an association that has an intense demonstration to trail the Vegas Golden Knights achieved the Stanley Cup Final in their debut season.
“Some portion of the DNA of this proprietorship aggregate is we’re to a great degree aggressive,” said Tod Leiweke, a minority accomplice, president and CEO of Seattle Hockey Partners. “We’re here to win. What’s more, we need to win. So we will take a gander at these timetables and how it very well may be put further bolstering our advantage.”
That implies Tippett will watch whatever is left of this season with an eye on the new group’s future and he will draw out the beginnings of a hockey activities division. He will probably be senior VP of hockey activities and have a major say in picking the main general administrator of the alliance’s 32nd group.
Tippett will probably employ a few scouts this late spring and advance on the GM seek.
“When you’re a year or two out, everything keeps on developing,” Tippett said. “You keep on observing things. It’s a consistently changing world out there right now in the hockey world among mentors and GMs.”
That implies that for $650 million, Seattle will have a chance to win immediately.

Rare brain-eating amoebas killed Seattle woman

At the point when a 69-year-old Seattle lady experienced mind medical procedure not long ago at Swedish Medical Center, her specialists were befuddled.
Last January, the lady was admitted to the healing center’s crisis office subsequent to enduring a seizure. Specialists took a CT output of her cerebrum to decide the reason, finding what they at first idea was a tumor. However, an examination of tissue taken from her mind amid medical procedure daily later indicated she was up against an a lot deadlier assault, one that had been in progress for about a year and was truly destroying her.
“When I worked on this woman, a segment of her mind about the measure of a golf ball was wicked mush,” Dr. Charles Cobbs, neurosurgeon at Swedish, said in a telephone meet. “There were these one-celled critter everywhere simply eating mind cells. We didn’t have any hint what was happening, yet when we got the genuine tissue we could see it was the one-celled critter.”
The lady kicked the bucket multi month later from the uncommon living beings that entered her mind in the wake of being infused into her nasal pit by method for a neti pot, a tea kettle molded item used to wash out the sinuses and nasal hole, as indicated by a contextual investigation as of late distributed in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.
The examination was created by Swedish specialists and scientists who chipped away at her case, including Cobbs. The distribution doesn’t distinguish the person in question.
The lady’s contamination is the second since forever detailed in Seattle — the first came in 2013 — however the primary casualty to be caused by it. In 1990, specialists initially ended up mindful that this sort of single adaptable cell can cause malady in individuals, as indicated by an investigation distributed in Clinical Infectious Diseases in November. That report found there have been 109 instances of the single adaptable cell detailed in the U.S. somewhere in the range of 1974 and 2016. 90% of those cases were lethal.

Seattle beats Washington State for first time in 40 years

Terrell Brown scored an amusement high 20, with eight coming in the last 86 seconds, and Seattle University held off Washington State 78-69 on Wednesday night.
It was the first run through Seattle U. has beaten the Cougars since the 1978-79 season.
“You simply need to attempt and climb the pecking request in the state,” Redhawks second-year mentor Jim Hayford said. “Today, we benefited as much as possible from this chance.”
WSU (1-1) attempted to locate any predictable scoring without best player Robert Franks, who sat out with left foot damage. He had 31 and 11 bounce back in the group’s season-opening triumph against Nicholls on Sunday.
Without Franks, the Cougars shot 30 percent from the floor (21 of 70), including a 6-of-24 exertion from the 3-point line.
“The one-on-one b-ball truly harmed us,” WSU mentor Ernie Kent said. “We battled back . be that as it may, we took some constrained, intense shots at key occasions. Normally that is on the grounds that you are not in mood.”
WSU erased a halftime shortage on a 12-0 raced to snatch a 51-48 lead with 12:46 remaining.
The Redhawks (3-1) scored nine sequential focuses from that point forward, and never trailed whatever is left of the way.
WSU slice it to 68-65 on Carter Skaggs’ turning bushel in the path with 3:05 to go, however Brown assumed control after that. He scored on layups on consecutive Seattle U. belonging with 50.6 seconds remaining, and made 4 of 5 free tosses.
“I simply needed to do whatever I could do to win,” Brown said.
The Redhawks driven by upwards of 15 points in the main half.
Delante Jones included 15 points for Seattle U., 13 coming in the main half. Martej Kavas contributed with 14.
Isaiah Wade drove the Cougars with 17 on 8-of-16 shooting.
It’s difficult changing in accordance with existence without your best scoring danger, yet the Cougars did as such with Franks on the sideline. One splendid spot was exchange Wade’s inside work. The massive 6-foot-7 forward, from Iowa Western Community College, could be a predictable twofold danger in his first season.
Seattle U: Brown’s quality off the seat truly gives the Redhawks three strong watches, and can enable them to play little. They additionally have rangy shot-blocker Myles Carter, an exchange from Seton Hall, who gives them an inside protective nearness.

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