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The Difference Between Essay and Composition

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What is essay and composition in general?
Essay is a kind of genre or kind of creative work, reflecting a subjective author’s position in relation to the significant problem, moral, ethical, scientific, cultural and historical plan.
A composition is a creative work on a given topic, which can be executed as a description, narration, reasoning or analysis of artistic text, literary images, aesthetic concepts.
What is the difference between essay and composition?
First of all, in the purpose of writing.
The purpose of the composition as one of the types of creative work is the development of oral and written speech skills related to the ability to formulate own judgments on problematic issues, to analyze individual phenomena, facts or fragments of the text, to express thoughts in logical sequence, to generalize and draw conclusions. By way of a linguistic organization, composition may relate to one of the most common types of creative work in school practice: description; narrative; reasoning of problem character; comparative characterization of images; analysis of artistic text.
The structure of the work should include the introduction with substantiation of the relevance of the topic, the main content and conclusion.
The content and form of the essay are correlated with the composition, but the author of essay has a more difficult task: to encourage readers to reflect, thanks to the persuasiveness and brightness of the presentation. Essay, like any kind of work, requires a creative reflection on the subject, but the most important thing in it is the author’s position, the personal vision of the problem and the ways of its solution, based on knowledge of the material and his or her own intellectual experience.
The essay needs a clear definition of the problem, in the interpretation of which the author’s argumentation with elements of independent analysis is fundamentally important. An arbitrary essay composition allows the use of various techniques in building phrases that enhance the influence on the reader’s perception: inversion, antithesis, associative series, metaphorical generalizations, irony, and other types of allegory. The final part of the essay does not always contain a conclusion.
Thus, the difference between essay and composition is following:
Essay – genre or kind of creative work with arbitrary compositional construction.
Composition – a creative work on a given topic, which has a clear structure with a mandatory introduction, a content part and a conclusion.
In essay the subjective author’s position on the issue raised in the topic reflects.
In composition, this subject is analysis. The form of a composition depends on its type: narrative, description, reasoning, comparative characteristic or analysis of artistic text.
The form of essay is usually consideration with the elements of analysis.
The purpose of the essay is to encourage readers to think.
Composition develops the oral and written speech skills.

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